Kris as his secret agent Pluto

Life[edit | edit source]

Kris Tatagami in a tree

Kris Tatagami is the son the elite fourest, Klaus Tatagami he is apart of The Fury and leader of Team Gaze Trap

Death Raptor

. It's partner is Fang Vamperis, Death Raptor and [[Shinobi Salamander|Shinobi Salamander

Shinobi Salamander


First Apperence[edit | edit source]

His first apperence was shoving into Kai Ice then signing The New Town tournement. He lays in a tree with his bey, that is a Technique type, looks very akward. Kris ends up defeating everybody in the tournement but Kai and is upset. Kris goes to find another recrute.

Speacial Techniques[edit | edit source]

Fang Vamperis's[edit | edit source]

Fang Vamperis

[edit | edit source]

Fang Crush[edit | edit source]

Dark Shadows[edit | edit source]

Hiding Chains[edit | edit source]

Hidden Pontenal[edit | edit source]

Thunder Smash[edit | edit source]

Eletro Defense[edit | edit source]

Lighting Phase[edit | edit source]

True Pontenal[edit | edit source]

Gaze of Death[edit | edit source]

Death Raptor's[edit | edit source]

Murder Fury[edit | edit source]

Exclo Crush

Shinobi Salamander's[edit | edit source]

Underground Burner

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