Kai doing Flaming Driver with Hyper Pegasus

Life[edit | edit source]

Kai is the son of the elite fourest Goku. He is a Infinity Bladers. He's the leader of Team Hyper Stars and Evolution-G with his friends. With his partners is Hyper Pegasus (died) and Samurai Ifraid.

Kai Ice

First Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kai's first apperance was when he was playing the guitar in his room. Blink comes in his room and they battle each other. Kai easily wins and they sign up for the New Town Tournament, that's were he meets Kris Tatagami . He goes to the final four an wins the tournament. He entered the Kerga Cup, but came in second place, to his big rival, Derek Kya. Kai joined his friend in a group called Team Hyper Stars to enter the 1st annual Evolution tournament. Kai won to Derek, so that meant that they were No.1. Kris and Rey caught up with Kai and went to get Lloyd back. On there way, they got ambushed by Eric, Drake, and Derek. That's when Derek used Self Destructed to destroy Pegasus. Then Kai's No.1 goal was to get the Legendary bey, Samurai Ifraid. He managed to get the bey and battle with Kris. Later, They go on to compete in Beyblade World Tournement facing Final Fortress, Avalanches, Gaze Trap, Fighting Crumpets, and Beatuiful Destiny. Later all of Kai's friends compete in there on little tournement with new beys. The outcome is 1st Kai Ice and Samurai Ifraid, 2nd Derek Kya and Dark Knight Drago, 3rd Kris Tatagami and Shinobi Salamander, 4th Rey Ice and Guardian Reviser, and 5th Luke Ice and Archer Gryph.

Special Techniqes[edit | edit source]

Hyper Peagsus

Hyper Pegasus's
[edit | edit source]

Element: Fire[edit | edit source]

Flaming Driver

Samurai Ifraid

Lava Barrier

Kai in the Kerga Cup tournament

Flame Thrower

Hidden Potential[edit | edit source]

Metor Shower

True Potential[edit | edit source]

Element: Water[edit | edit source]

Hydro Pump

Auqua Dive

Surf The Waves


Element: Lightning[edit | edit source]


Lightning Force

Electricity Barrier

Electricity Whip

Element: Earth[edit | edit source]


Dozens Of Rocks

Rock Throw

Power Rock

Samurai Ifraid's[edit | edit source]

Element: Fire[edit | edit source]

Storm Surge

Flameing Sword

Burning Uppercut

Shooting Star Crash

Element: Steel[edit | edit source]

Steel Sword

Steel Uppercut

Steel Crash

Excalibur Sword

Element: Wind[edit | edit source]

Knight of The Wind

Wind Uppercut

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