A New Beginning

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This episode starts with a boy who first is playing a guitar at his house in Crimson City. Where gets interrupted by two kids younger then him asking for a bey battle. The boy with black and orange hair have a Peagsus and defeats the opponents. The kids are named Kai Ice, Blink Quil, and Rey Ice. Blink saya to Kai to enter New Town tournement before its too late. So they race across to New Town City. They all enter the tournement and right when Kai walks away a guy bumps into him enters the tournement. Kai wounders who he could be, so he looked at the list and saw his name is Kris Tatagami.

Charcters[edit | edit source]

A New Beginning
Episode No. No. 1 Season The Fury
Previous Episode None
Next Episode My New Rival
Opening Song Evolution-G Bey
Ending Song Found a Path
New Beyblades Hyper Pegasus, Hyper Orso, & Grand Cetus
New Charcthers Kai Ice , Blink Quil , Rey Ice , &Kris Tatagami

Kai Ice

Blink Quil

Rey Ice

Kris Tatagami

Goku Ice

Klaus Tatagami (flashback)

Beyblades[edit | edit source]

Hyper Pegasus

Hyper Orso

Grand Cetus

Speacail Techniqies[edit | edit source]

Wing Smash

Fast Combo

Beyblade Battles[edit | edit source]

Kai Ice vs Blink Quil & Rey Ice

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